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What does wealth mean to you? Is it more than money? Research shows that it is subjectively defined by one's personal values. It can be good health, helping your community to prosper, or having peace of mind about your family's security and future. 'What story will your money tell?'

Dion Chang
Founder, Flux Trends 

Dion Chang is one of South Africa's most respected trend analysts and the founder of Flux Trends, which specialises in helping companies identify unexpected business opportunities as trends change. He is passionate about creating an environment in companies that embrace change and embed a culture of innovation into their operating systems.

Dr Mandisa Maholwana
CEO, Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital

With almost two decades’ experience in healthcare, Dr Mandisa is the newly appointed CEO of Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Johannesburg. She is particularly interested in working with partners to set up fully integrated healthcare services supported by a robust medical information system.

Pepe Marais, Founding partner and Group Chief Creative officer at Joe Public United

‘Wealth used to mean money to me. Fundamentally, today, wealth is far, far broader. Spirituality is the most important aspect in my life,’ says Pepe Marais, founding partner and group CCO of Joe Public.

Pepe Marais, founding partner and Group Chief Creative officer of Joe Public United

The author of Growing Greatness, Pepe is the founding partner and Group Chief Creative Officer of brand and communications group Joe Public United. He lives for creativity that connects deeply with people. His passion is to co-create an environment and culture that breed exponential growth of Joe Public's people, clients and, ultimately, the country.

Nedbank Private Wealth | Moneyweb breakfast panel discussion

Nedbank Private Wealth and Moneyweb explore the true measure of wealth through the eyes of prominent and inspiring South Africans. This series was launched at a breakfast at Inanda Club in Sandton that had a panel comprising Pepe Marais and Miles Kubheka, as well as Nedbank Private Wealth representative, Mike Wilmot.

Brand Pretorius
Author, public speaker, former executive

Brand is an author, public speaker, and former executive of motor retail group, McCarthy Limited. He describes stepping down from his fulltime executive position simply as 'changing gear' and is determined to continue making a difference to South Africa and its people.

Miles Kubheka, founder of the Vuyo’s brand

Miles’s compelling rags-to-riches story speaks to any audience – his message is universal.

Miles Kubheka, founder of the Vuyo’s Brands

Miles Kubheka is an entrepreneur, chef, author and public speaker. He is the author of From a Big Big Dreamer to Living the Dream. He is also the founder and owner of the renowned Vuyo's brand. Miles, an IT graduate, works with entrepreneurs and gives them advice on the requirements needed to start and maintain a successful business. Read more at

Mike Wilmot, Head of Advice and Solutions at Nedbank Private Wealth

Nedbank Private Wealth Head of Advice and Solutions, Mike Wilmot, is a seasoned investment and wealth management professional with experience in developing high-net-worth client advisory, investment and wealth management frameworks. He is a deep-level specialist with skills in portfolio construction, product development, management and sales support, as well as financial planning processes.